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本文摘要:In his office in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, Warren Buffett displays only one certificate of his education. It isn’t for his bachelors degree from the University of Nebraska, or his master of science in economics from Columbia Business Schoo


In his office in downtown Omaha, Nebraska, Warren Buffett displays only one certificate of his education. It isn’t for his bachelors degree from the University of Nebraska, or his master of science in economics from Columbia Business School. It is for completing the “Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking, Leadership Training, and the Art of Winning Friends and Influencing people”, dated January 23 1952.在沃伦?巴菲特(Warren Buffett)坐落于内布拉斯加州奥马哈(Omaha, Nebraska)市中心的办公室里,他只展出了一份学历证书。不是他在内布拉斯加大学(University of Nebraska)取得的学士学位,也不是他在哥伦比亚商学院(Columbia Business School)取得的经济学硕士学位。这份证书指出,他在1952年1月23日已完成了“戴尔?卡内基(Dale Carnegie)有效地演说、领导力培训、夺得朋友及影响他人的艺术的课程”。

The instructors on the course “made you do all these crazy things to get out of ourselves”, Mr Buffett says in the new HBO documentary Becoming Warren Buffett课程的教员们“让你做到一切可怕的事情来突破自身”,巴菲特在HBO频道的新纪录片《沦为沃伦?巴菲特》(Becoming Warren Buffett)中说道。但是“如果我没那样做到,我的整个人生都会有所不同”。

. But “if I hadn’t had done that, my whole life would have been different”.美国商界热衷圈内的传奇人物,而巴菲特的地位就相等于亚瑟王。《沦为沃伦?巴菲特》只不会强化这一点。片中,一望无际的内布拉斯加田野风光与巴菲特眯着眼睛看著剩是灰尘的旧公司记录的画面互相交切,以引人入胜的方式让观众走进这位非凡的财富创造者和他的手法。American business adores its legends and Mr Buffett holds Arthurian status. Becoming Warren Buffett will only amplify it. With lingering shots of rolling Nebraskan farmland intercut with Mr Buffett squinting at dusty old company records, it is a fascinating look at an extraordinary fortune-builder and his methods.巴菲特否认,卡内基的影响是深远影响的。

据我所知,没哪所商学院的课程包括卡内基最知名的著作《如何夺得朋友及影响他人》。但这些商学院应当这样做到。Carnegie’s influence, as Mr Buffett admits, was profound. No business school, to my knowledge, includes Carnegie’s most famous book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, on its curriculum. But they should.这本书分成4个部分:“与人共处的基本技巧”;“六种讨人喜欢的方法”;“如何让他人接纳你的思维方式”;以及“沦为领袖:如何在不侮辱或触怒他人的情况下转变他人”。

读者这本书,你就不用花费大量时间观赏泛泛而谈的Ted演说,或者读者的组织行为学教授大量显而易见的高见。The book is divided into four sections: “Fundamental Techniques in Handling People”; “Six Ways to Make People Like You”; “How to Win People to Your Way of Thinking”; and “Be a Leader: How to Change People Without Giving Offence or Arousing Resentment.” Reading it, you can spare yourself hours of flaccid Ted talks and reams of self-evident claims from professors in organisational behaviour.卡内基在1912年研发了他的有效地演说课程,此前他深爱着在百老汇开始演艺生涯的梦想,从密苏里州回到纽约。然而,他未能遂愿,不能企图促销Packard卡车,住在纽约市曼哈顿岛西岸一个被称作“地狱厨房”的贫民区一间可怕的廉租公寓里。卡内基后来写到,他“在墙上悬挂了一束领带;当我早上抱住拿一条整洁的领带时,蟑螂不会四处逃命”。

Carnegie developed his course on effective speaking in 1912, after coming to New York from Missouri in the hope of a career on Broadway. Instead, he found himself trying to sell Packard trucks and living in a filthy tenement in Hell’s Kitchen. As he later wrote, he had a “bunch of neckties hanging on the walls; and when I reached out of a morning to get a fresh necktie, the cockroaches scattered in all directions”.为了花钱点钱,卡内基根据自己拒绝接受的演员培训和身兼一个贫推销员的体验,设计了一套课程,将课程重点原作为如何解决担忧。在被几个较为权威的机构拒绝接受后,卡内基开始在坐落于哈莱姆区125街的基督教青年会(YMCA)的一个房间里教授这门课程。从那时到现在,这门课的关键仍然是让人们需要自如地站一起说出,通过辩论他们最熟知的事情协助他们解决不安。To earn some money, he devised a course based on his training as an actor and his experience as a rather poor salesman, and focused it on how to conquer worry. Having been turned down by several more august institutions, he began teaching it in a room at the YMCA on 125th Street in Harlem. The key to Carnegie’s classes was, and remains, getting people comfortable on their feet and talking, conquering their fears by discussing things that are most familiar to them.课程的目的不是把参加者培育成千人一面的慷慨激昂的传道士和东拉西扯的宴会司仪,而是让他们沦为自身的“Ultra”,在更大程度上构建自我价值。


这正是巴菲特通过这门课程做的事情。It is not intended to turn them all into identical tub-thumpers and rambling toastmasters, but to make them more realised versions of themselves. And that is precisely what it achieved with Mr Buffett.纪录片中最有灵感意义的时刻之一是描写巴菲特在所罗门兄弟(Salomon Brothers)的投资。在1987年市场危机期间,他卖给了这家投行的一笔股份。

纪录片展出了那个时代的华尔街画面,其中有许多穿著清一色白西服、看起来志得意满的年轻人。巴菲特不信任投资银行家,但看见了所罗门兄弟蕴含的机会。他做到了一笔好交易,获得的可切换优先股每年缴纳9%的利息,还能在3年后切换为更高价格的普通股,或者在5年后归还。One of the most instructive moments in the documentary describes Mr Buffett’s investment in Salomon Brothers. During the market crisis of 1987, he bought a stake in the investment bank. The documentary shows footage from that era of Wall Street, with lots of identical young men in dark suits looking extremely pleased with themselves. Mr Buffett mistrusted investment bankers but saw an opportunity in Salomon. He snagged a good deal, an option that paid 9 per cent a year and could be converted into common stock at a higher price after three years or redeemed over five.但是4年后,所罗门接踵而来了一桩债券交易丑闻,濒临破产。


引人注目的是他在大鳄云集的华尔街展现的天赋。他没受到那群残暴人的影响,仍然是来自城外的头发乱糟糟的天才,需要在恐慌局面中折断阵脚,产生秩序和理性。But four years later, Salomon was swept up in a bond trading scandal and verging on bankruptcy. Mr Buffett went from investor to chairman and had to negotiate with the US Treasury to keep the firm in business. His reputation as an ethical and responsible businessman earned him the trust and time to fix things. What is striking is his facility in the shark tank of Wall Street. He was uncorrupted by the yahoos and remained the wild-haired genius from out of town able to impose order and reason on chaos.在宣告美国财政部反对所罗门的记者会上,巴菲特耐心地问了两个多小时的问题。


At the press conference announcing the Treasury’s support for Salomon, Mr Buffett coolly took more than two hours of questions. When someone asked him how he would handle his business in both Omaha and New York, he shot back: “My mother has sewn my name in my underwear, so it’ll be OK.” Carnegie would have been proud of his pupil.纪录片描写了相当大程度上由其外向的首任妻子苏珊带来他的变化。他们在1952年成婚,但苏珊在1977年离开了巴菲特,前往旧金山居住于,尽管他们仍然维持密切关系。这是一种非常规的关系,但巴菲特称赞苏珊让他领悟到人类关系的重要性。The documentary tracks the change in Mr Buffett wrought largely by his extrovert first wife, Susan. They married in 1952, but she left him in 1977 to live in San Francisco, though they remained close. It was an unconventional relationship, but Mr Buffett credits Susan with awakening him to the importance of human relationships.巴菲特否认,他是一个“不均衡的人”,而苏珊“让我原始”。